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A Quality Paint Job is Essential for Protecting Your Property

Welcome to Double G Painting Contractors, Phoenix and Scottsdale’s premier painters for your home or business! Our commitment to customer satisfaction and the highest quality of work ensures that your investment lasts for years to come.


The Best San Diego Painting Company Moves to Phoenix and Scottsdale!

Thank You San Diego

For over 20 years, Double G Painting Contractors has been a beacon of excellence in coastal San Diego. Our journey started in the picturesque coastal communities, where we honed our craft in understanding the unique challenges posed by the ocean’s elements. We’ve transformed homes and businesses, leaving behind a legacy of quality and satisfaction.

Hello Phoenix and Scottsdale

Now, we’re excited to bring our expertise to Phoenix/Scottsdale. With the same commitment to excellence that defined our San Diego ventures, we’re here to serve homeowners with our years of experience and specialized knowledge. The transition is not just a relocation; it’s an opportunity to bring the beauty and durability we’ve delivered in San Diego to the desert landscape of Arizona.

With a deep understanding of how the elements—sun, wind, heat & cold—wear down the integrity of your home’s protection we’re here to elevate your property’s aesthetics and protection. Our journey continues, and we invite you to be a part of it.

Protect your Home and Increase Energy Efficiency

Arizona has a unique environment, challenging your property with its intense sun and dry winds. Your property’s exterior paint serves as its primary defense.

We understand these challenges and offer specialized coatings tailored for desert climates. Our coatings are designed to provide a protective shield against UV rays, heat, and the relentless desert wind.

By choosing a paint company who understands the benefits of each paint and coating type available, you invest in a lasting solution that safeguards your home for years to come.

Beyond Paint – Comprehensive Services for Scottsdale Homes

In addition to paint, we provide essential services
that protect and enhance your property

  • Energy efficient coatings
  • Stucco repair and replacement
  • Siding repair and replacement
  • Carpentry and wood repairs
  • Facia and gutter work
  • Stains, sealers, and epoxy coatings

Striving for Perfection through Preparation

Our proven process ensures longevity and quality for your property.

Our team thoroughly prepares surfaces for a flawless finish and address imperfections to ensure lasting quality. We expertly scrape and sand for uniformity and we inform neighbors as a courteous gesture.

Plus, we’ll help you choose the best coatings for your goals.  We are the best at protecting your property from sun (fading), wind (cracking), among other things with rubberized, reflective and even waterproof coatings.

Banta House Phoenix AZ
Premier Painting Company

Experience, Dedication, Reliability

We are about getting it right the first time around.

As a family-owned residential and commercial painting business, we understand the importance of your investment and always leave a personal touch that shows our commitment to quality work.

From detail-oriented preparations to on-time, top-notch professionalism from our team, we take pride in our work and stand behind it.

Schedule a 15-minute “No-Hassle” discovery call. During this quick call you’ll get:  Our Expert Opinion on your project, Your Questions Answered, and Ballpark Pricing

Add Years To Your Home

“John was professional and he genuinely cared about the end product meeting our satisfaction. The crew was responsive to our requests and they arrived on time daily. The financial process was thorough and clear. We love how our house looks and believe that the products will be sustainable for many years.” 

~ Robin

Color Consultation

John and his crew recently painted the exterior of our office building and they did an amazing job. Their attention to detail, daily communication, and troubleshooting skills set them above the rest. They worked with us to make sure that we experienced minimal disruption and were happy with the color choices, prep work, and end result. Highly recommend!”

~ Invision Optometry

Detail Oriented

“We couldn’t be happier with our newly repaired and painted home. After over 25 years of water and stucco damage, John and his crew meticulously repaired the wood and matched the stucco texture. They also sealed our fireplace and painted the chimney cap black. All details that we care about! I highly recommend Double G Painting Contractors.” 

~ Celia

Our Services

As your new trusted partner for transforming homes and businesses, Double G Painting Contractors brings an array of top-notch, high quality painting services to the greater Phoenix and Scottsdale area. Our commitment to excellence is displayed with every job we complete!

Interior Painting

Add your personal flare and style to the interior of your home!


Protective Coatings

Epoxy floors, and protective  waterproof and reflective coatings also available!

Exterior Painting

Take “curb appeal” to the next level by updating your home’s exterior.

Commercial Services

Elevate your business with our
top-tier painting solutions.

Transform your place with Double G!

Reach out to us today to explore the full potential of your property with our professional guidance. We’ll ensure your property is not only the best looking it can be but also shielded from the challenges that Arizona’s environment brings.

Specializing in serving:  Biltmore, Arcadia, Bethany Estates, Biltmore Estates, Camelback Mountain, Marion Estates, Rancho Marizona, Camelback East, Camelback East Village,  Sunview Estates, Hacienda Granada, Arcadia Lite, Sunview Estates, Northwood Manor

With our expertise, your property’s beauty and protection go hand-in-hand for years to come!